Game Updates

Round 12 – Theatre vs Gardens

With Round 12 we take a look at the final 2 buildings of Loyalty & Deceit! The Theatre and the Gardens.

The Theatre is one of the more interesting Tsuyo buildings in that it is the only one that manipulates the objectives track. The Theatre lets you control the pace of the game by effectively adding a 6th objective (worth 1 or 2 points). Typically you would want to flip an objective that you are expecting to be able to score, but it can also be used when you want to delay the game – leave it unscored whilst you catch up or win generating points from other means. Its high cost makes it a late game pickup, and timing the purchase of it will be key to getting the most value, but it offers a skilled player the chance to swing or lockup an otherwise difficult game.

The Gardens really embody the Shinchoku style – sharing in a victory point gain whilst gaining an even greater personal advantage. It is a mirror of the Statue (effectively a 1 point advantage), and whilst it is a little more challenging to obtain by requiring a Favour, it also contributes more by shortening the game and effectively giving you 1 point out of 6 (rather than 7). As a late game pickup it is even more interesting – as long as you are ahead it can be enough to close out the game and get to 7 (or 9) points. What does it matter if you are giving the opponent 1 point when the game is over?

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