Game Updates

Round 13 – School vs Guard House

Round 13 is the first round we have of buildings that survived elimination! The building that survives here will move on to the next round, and then after that, the final 3. By now you already know what these buildings do, and some of their merits, so let’s try and make a more direct comparison between the two of them.

Whilst the School is used for scoring points and bringing a game to a conclusion, the Guard House is generally used for delaying the game (at least by 1 turn) to allow you access to a critical position. The School allowing flexibility in its resource usage is most useful to grab the final point or two by dumping whatever resources you have left, but it still benefits from a longer game with more resource generation. The Guard House can typically help secure a two or three point objective at the end, but requires you to be in a good position to do it.

The main consideration between the two then, is how long do you think the game will be?

To get involved in the voting, click on the link here for the Micro Dojo Facebook Group.

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