Game Updates

Round 11 – Stables vs Statue

Next up are two very different buildings. The Stables has an ability that can be used whenever the player chooses on their turn, whilst the Statue has just a one-time ability.

The Stables is one of the few ‘movement’ buildings in the game (along with the Guard House). It’s is fairly cheaply costed so it can easily be picked up as soon as your second turn. The cost to use it, even as low as 1 Food, probably prohibits it from being used to gather resources in most cases. The Stables could be used in a pinch to reach that Action or Build space that you really need to use (or block), but I think the Stables has a much more interesting effect. The ‘potential’ for you to use the Stables will factor into your opponents decision making – either further forcing suboptimal defensive play, or perhaps simply giving up on defensive play and allowing you to access certain spaces anyway. Either way, the Stables is subtly providing you an advantage without ever having to use it. I love the extra layer to the game this adds, both when I’m the owner of the Stables or as an opponent trying to counteract it.

The Statue is probably the most straightforward building in the game. Spend resources, and you get a victory point. It’s also not particularly efficient if you just look at the ability – at 6 total resources it’s more costly than the default Donate action that gets you a point for 5 Gold or 5 Food. The Statue’s value in the game is a bit more subtle though, and changes massively depending on the objectives and their ordering. The Statue’s high cost makes it fantastically valuable when Building objectives appear later in the game, and it can potentially swing any of the ‘Building cost’ objectives in your favour since most other buildings cost 2, 3 or 4 resources. In the case where Building objectives are not appearing late, the Statue can instead be considered a 2 point gain for 6 resources, by later sacrificing it using the Build space. For such a simple building, the Statue offers a perceptive player a real opportunity to extract maximum value.

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