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Micro Dōjō:
Loyalty & Deceit

An expansion for the hit pocket-game Micro Dojo. Pledge your loyalty, earn favour, and help your chosen clan come to power.

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Round 8 – Onsen vs Jail

The Onsen provides the same ability as is already available once you reach step 5 of the Loyalty track, so it might not seem that impressive at first glance. Given that the Shinchoku buildings drive towards a shorter game, you […]

Round 7 – Barracks vs Market

The Barracks is a direct upgrade of a ‘basic’ available Action, namely Donate which normally allows you to trade in 5 Gold for a point. The first usage of the Barracks isn’t great – you’ve spent 1 turn to buy […]

Round 6 – Brewery vs Gunsmith

This next pairing pits two Tsuyo buildings against each other. The Brewery is part of the Tsuyo sub-theme of points manipulation by using points as a spendable resource, sacrificing progress for a short-term gain. If the Brewery lets you win […]

“I got Micro Dojo as a gift. 3 players in my local group have it now! I’ve really enjoyed it!

What’s your favorite element of Micro Dojo? For me, it’s the jostling for position on the board and blocking key squares.”

Chris Harrington


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