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Micro Bots

Micro Bots is the first signing from Prometheus Game Labs – a game designed by Simon Beal and co-developed over the past year. Packed into a mint tin, Micro Bots delivers a tight two-player dueling experience in 15-30mins.

Micro Bots: Duel, along with the expansion Power Up, is launching on Kickstarter in February. 

Micro Dōjō: Loyalty & Deceit

An expansion for the hit pocket-game Micro Dojo. Pledge your loyalty, earn favour, and help your chosen clan come to power.

99 Ninja

99 Ninja is a two player competitive tile laying game, where players use transparent cards depicting ninja from 3 different clans to surround (and assassinate) daimyo. Like other games from Prometheus Game Labs there is a lot of tactical play – you will have to time your placement and outmaneuver, but also out think, your opponent! And yes, there are 99 ninja on the cards. We counted.

99 Ninja is launching in 2023.

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