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Micro Dōjō:
Loyalty & Deceit

An expansion for the hit pocket-game Micro Dojo. Pledge your loyalty, earn favour, and help your chosen clan come to power.

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Round 2 – Orchard vs Toll Gate

Now for the first of the new clan buildings from Loyalty and Deceit! These two buildings look wildly different on the surface but perform remarkably similar roles, albeit with a twist  The Orchard is a simple upgrade type of building, […]

Round 1 – Broker vs School

Onto our first round of voting, with two of the original game buildings. The Broker is a nice early game pickup. It’s cheap (so can be bought early), can be used often, and gives you extra flexibility to use Action […]

The Great Micro Dojo Building Playoff

I’m sure you’re all waiting anxiously for your copies of Micro Dojo to arrive, and whilst we wait I have a fun event for you to get involved in. Each week on the Micro Dojo Facebook Group I’ll post up […]

“I got Micro Dojo as a gift. 3 players in my local group have it now! I’ve really enjoyed it!

What’s your favorite element of Micro Dojo? For me, it’s the jostling for position on the board and blocking key squares.”

Chris Harrington


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