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Micro Dōjō:
Loyalty & Deceit

An expansion for the hit pocket-game Micro Dojo. Pledge your loyalty, earn favour, and help your chosen clan come to power.

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Round 15 – Castle vs Barracks

Two very popular buildings from the original game here, both useful in scoring points. The appeal of getting 2 points straight away from the Castle is clear, and I often see players in their first game dedicating several turns to […]

Backer Centred Crowdfunding

Board game crowdfunding is vital for a lot of creators to be able to publish their games, but it requires an awful lot of trust and patience by backers to pay money for something well in advance of it being […]

Round 14 – Bakuto Den vs Toll Gate

The Tsuyo buildings were very popular amongst you (what a naughty bunch of players), and for several rounds we have two of them facing off. The Bakuto Den and the Toll Gate both grant resources but are useful at different […]

“I got Micro Dojo as a gift. 3 players in my local group have it now! I’ve really enjoyed it!

What’s your favorite element of Micro Dojo? For me, it’s the jostling for position on the board and blocking key squares.”

Chris Harrington


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