The list of current (and in progress) games!


Micro Dojo

Micro Dojo is a 20 min tactical euro game for two players, intended to fit comfortably in a pocket or purse. In Micro Dojo, players take control of the Ninja, Samurai, Sumo and Geisha meeples to generate resources, unlock building abilities, and score objectives.

Each turn players move one of the four meeples to an adjacent space and take the action there – either gathering resources, taking a building, or activating a scoring objective. The catch? You can’t move the last meeple either you or your opponent moved. The games end when the last objective is triggered, or a player reaches 7 points.

Movement is tight, requiring you to second guess your opponents plan. Timing is crucial, triggering objective scoring only when it benefits you. Like a sparring match, every move should be chosen with precision and efficiency, or your opponent will strike.

Coming Soon

Micro Dojo: Loyalty & Deceit

An expansion for the hit pocket game, with alternate advancement tracks, a modular board, and new buildings and objectives.

Acro Yoga

A lightweight card drafting game that can also be used as a teaching aid for Acro Yoga practitioners. Suitable for icebreaker and warmup exercises, as well as synchronised flows and cooldowns.

The game will have Solar and Lunar disciplines, covering partner acrobatics and therapeutics.

Work in Progress

Love it, Hate it

A party game where you try to guess someone’s secret number (1-10) based only on the preferences they give to certain categories.

They gave seagulls as their answer for a bird. No one like’s seagulls right, so maybe it’s a low number? But they also said pepperoni for pizza topping, so maybe they really like seagulls (or are they vegetarian?).

Get to know each other, and yourself, in this social guessing game.

It’s About Time

The BGDL Community Design Sprint was an initiative to try and design a game in just two weeks. From concept to working prototype. Driven by the BGDL community votes and ideas, the game brief was for a two-player micro game but otherwise will be completely open to the community.

“My wife and I played Micro Dojo together for the first time the other night (I had already tried the solo mode) and we both enjoyed it very much!

My wife thought it was adorable how small the game is. But it still packed a good punch as a gaming experience.

Great job, Ben Downton!”

Joe Slack