Micro Bots

Micro Bots is launching on Kickstarter on 1st February 2023. It is the first signing from Prometheus Game Labs – a game designed by Simon Beal and co-developed over the past year. Micro Bots is inspired by retro video games, the very first of which is an unreleased game called Laser Droids that Simon developed more than 20 years ago.

The game is intended to feel like two vehicle like robots battling out in an arena. More succinctly it is best described as Robot Wars (or Battle Bots in the US) with big lasers! Packed into a mint tin, Micro Bots delivers a tight two-player dueling experience in 15-30mins.

Recent Posts

Micro Bots and Micro Dojo – Late Pledges

The pledge manager for Micro Bots is now live on Gamefound, allowing you to late pledge for a copy of Micro Bots: Duel (for just £10/$12) or add the Power Up expansion (for a total of £18/$22). Check out the page below for more details: Micro Dojo & Express Shipping If you missed the previous…

Micro Bots Print-and-Play on itch.io

The Micro Bots Print-and-Play files are now available on itch.io. Check out the Prometheus Game Labs Print-and-Play section for details on all of the available games.

Sbotlight on Brains & Flash

Brains and Flash are the two bots included with the Power Up expansion, and both are a little more technical to play than the bots in the base game. Like the other bots they each have a specialism in one aspect of the game, so let’s take a look. Brains is all about tech, which…

Sbotlight on Power Up

Micro Bots was designed to fit as much game as possible into a tiny mint tin, but during the design process we just had too much good stuff to fit into a single tin. The Power Up expansion adds two new bots and 14 new upgrade cards. It also includes a new Power Up mechanic,…


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