Late Pledges Open at Gamefound

Following the success of the Micro Dojo: Loyalty & Deceit Kickstarter campaign, the pledge manager (Gamefound) is now accepting Late Pledges: There are 3 different versions of the pledge you can pick up. The Complete Edition contains everything (so far) for new players, whilst the Deluxe Edition and Envelope Edition offer the Loyalty & Deceit […]

Micro Dojo published in Hungary by Reflexshop

I’m excited to announce that, along with the support of Meeple On Board – Vanguard, Micro Dojo will be published in Hungary by Reflexshop! Keep an eye out later this year for translated copies appearing in Hungary.

Loyalty & Deceit: Advanced Mode and Solo Mode

(This was originally posted as a Kickstarter campaign update) Micro Dojo was designed to have a ton of flexibility and replayability in a small package, and Loyalty & Deceit is no different. I’ll be featuring the extended game in a later update, but for this update I want to talk about a couple of the other game modes: […]

Announcing Micro Dojo: Macro Edition

(Originally posted as a Kickstarter campaign update) One of the nice things about running a campaign is I get to hear lots of feedback from the people that are going to be playing my game – you the backer. Wherever possible I want to add your suggestions and make the game better, and one of […]

Clan Spotlight: Shinchoku

Theme The Shinchoku clan represent the lighter, peaceful side of the town, with more spiritual tones in the building design. The left side of the board has lighter stone and creeping plant growth with blooming flowers. This represents the prosperity and abundance that the Shinchoku bring through their focus on development of the town. The […]

Design your own board

One of the most exciting features of Loyalty & Deceit is the modular board, allowing you to create your own board setups for each game. I thought this was a really cool new feature for the game but it led to a little problem – with the board changing each time it could be difficult […]

Clan Spotlight: Tsuyo

(Posted originally as a Kickstarter campaign update) Theme The Tsuyo clan represent the darker, more corrupt side of the town and their artwork and theme reflects that. The right side of the board has darker stone, dead ground and dying trees. This represents the clans dark side in a metaphorical sense but also a more literal […]

24 Hours to Launch

Tomorrow I’ll be hitting the big launch button and the campaign for Micro Dojo: Loyalty & Deceit will be live. You can pick up the envelope edition, deluxe upgrade, complete edition, or the print-and-play files for both games. The campaign will launch will be at the following times: Americas: 4-7am (UTC-8 to UTC-5) UK/Europe: 12pm (GMT) Middle East: 4pm […]

Press Release: Micro Dojo expansion – Loyalty & Deceit

Prometheus Game Labs launches Micro Dojo expansion, Loyalty & Deceit, on Kickstarter March 16th 2022. An expansion for the hit pocket-game Micro Dojo. Pledge your loyalty, earn favour, and help your chosen clan come to power. As a follow up to 2021’s hit Kickstarter game, Micro Dojo, Prometheus Game Labs is launching an expansion for […]

Is Micro Dojo right for me?

Maybe you’ve just heard of Micro Dojo, or come across the new Loyalty & Deceit Kickstarter campaign, and are wondering if Micro Dojo is the right game for you? If so, read on. In Micro Dojo you are one of two Daimyo—feudal lords of Edo Japan—tasked by the Shogun to bring prosperity to a small […]

Micro Dojo published in France by Don’t Panic Games

I’m excited to announce that, along with the support of Meeple On Board – Vanguard, Micro Dojo will be published in France by the amazing Don’t Panic Games! Keep an eye out later this year for translated copies appearing all across France.

Rolling Realms: Micro Dojo

You’ll know from my one of my recent articles that I’m a big fan of Roll-and-Writes games, and just recently I picked up Rolling Realms – a Stonemaier (meta)game that distills elements each of the publisher’s games into various ‘realms’ that make up the game for a unique experience each time. One of the exciting […]

Micro Dojo Expansion launching March 16 on Kickstarter

Today marks the start of a new year, and an exciting announcement for myself and the Micro Dojo fans. The expansion will launch on Kickstarter in just a few months on March 16th. If you’d like to get early notification of the launch, just click the button below: The expansion has you pledge your loyalty […]

Principles to Live (and Design) By

Writing a set of company principles right from the outset of Prometheus Game Labs might have seemed pretty sensible, defining what sort of company I wanted to build from the outset. The truth is I didn’t really know what my principles should be. As I became more experienced in running my first campaign, I realised […]

VAT and Board Games

On a fairly regular basis, I see questions from designers (and backers) about VAT and how to handle it. Whilst I am not a tax expert, I have done quite a lot of reading and I’m familiar with compliance and legal terms, so I thought it would be useful to share as much as possible […]

Micro Dojo Expansion – Kickstarter Approved

The Kickstarter project for the expansion (tentatively titled Clan Loyalty) has been approved! The prelaunch page has a ‘Notify me on launch’ button which will send you an email as soon as the campaign goes live. I am aiming to have things in place to launch early next year, so to follow along click the […]

Recipe for an X-and-Write

I’ve been playing a lot of X-and-Write games lately, from abstract Roll-and-Writes like Ganz Schon Clever, to spatial Flip-and-Writes like Cartographers, and a highly complex euro game in the form of Hadrian’s Wall. I have even tried my hand at creating a Roll-and-Write in with Microll Dojo (still a work in progress). When considering X-and-Write […]

Micro Dojo Print-and-Play on PNP Arcade

A lot of people have asked me how they can get a copy of Micro Dojo after the Kickstarter campaign closed. I’m happy to share that the Micro Dojo Print-and-Play files are now available at PNP Arcade: The files include: Game board and tokens printed on a single page Rulebook translations in French, Spanish, German, […]

Where did all the money go?

I thought it would be interesting to give you a pretty rough breakdown of the funding from the Micro Dojo campaign to see where money was spent (and maybe help you plan funding for your own campaigns). Design includes the artwork costs, some rulebook translation, and other minor costs like licensing fonts. Promotion is the cost of […]

What’s next for Prometheus Game Labs?

With the Micro Dojo campaign mostly wrapped up, many people (including myself) have asked what’s next for Prometheus Game Labs? Before the start of the campaign I had plans that Micro Dojo would be the beginning of a future in game design rather than the ending. Whilst there are a lot of potential avenues to […]


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