Round 15 – Castle vs Barracks

Two very popular buildings from the original game here, both useful in scoring points. The appeal of getting 2 points straight away from the Castle is clear, and I often see players in their first game dedicating several turns to gathering resources with the sole intention of taking the Castle. When a late objective depends […]

Backer Centred Crowdfunding

Board game crowdfunding is vital for a lot of creators to be able to publish their games, but it requires an awful lot of trust and patience by backers to pay money for something well in advance of it being finished, produced, and shipped to them. For new creators (or creators attracting first time backers) […]

Round 14 – Bakuto Den vs Toll Gate

The Tsuyo buildings were very popular amongst you (what a naughty bunch of players), and for several rounds we have two of them facing off. The Bakuto Den and the Toll Gate both grant resources but are useful at different stages of the game. The Bakuto Den is very cheap (one of the cheapest of […]

Round 13 – School vs Guard House

Round 13 is the first round we have of buildings that survived elimination! The building that survives here will move on to the next round, and then after that, the final 3. By now you already know what these buildings do, and some of their merits, so let’s try and make a more direct comparison […]

Round 12 – Theatre vs Gardens

With Round 12 we take a look at the final 2 buildings of Loyalty & Deceit! The Theatre and the Gardens. The Theatre is one of the more interesting Tsuyo buildings in that it is the only one that manipulates the objectives track. The Theatre lets you control the pace of the game by effectively […]

Round 11 – Stables vs Statue

Next up are two very different buildings. The Stables has an ability that can be used whenever the player chooses on their turn, whilst the Statue has just a one-time ability. The Stables is one of the few ‘movement’ buildings in the game (along with the Guard House). It’s is fairly cheaply costed so it […]

Round 10 – Pagoda vs Tea House

Two Shinchoku clan buildings face off today, and both of them are concerned with the new Loyalty mechanic. The Pagoda simply lets you spend an Action for a Loyalty, offering extra flexibility in spaces. It’s a little costly, making it harder to exploit in the early game when those extra Favour tokens to get clan […]

Round 9 – Gold Mine vs Shrine

Next up are two buildings we’ve already seen in earlier rounds as mirrors of the Rice Paddy and the Barracks. The Gold Mine, as with the Rice Paddy, offers a way to get 3 resources in 1 turn. One particular thing to note about the Gold Mine however is how it combines with the Guard […]

Round 8 – Onsen vs Jail

The Onsen provides the same ability as is already available once you reach step 5 of the Loyalty track, so it might not seem that impressive at first glance. Given that the Shinchoku buildings drive towards a shorter game, you might not reach that high by the time the game is over, and turning those […]

Round 7 – Barracks vs Market

The Barracks is a direct upgrade of a ‘basic’ available Action, namely Donate which normally allows you to trade in 5 Gold for a point. The first usage of the Barracks isn’t great – you’ve spent 1 turn to buy it, 1 turn to activate it, and 6 Gold for that first point. However each […]

Round 6 – Brewery vs Gunsmith

This next pairing pits two Tsuyo buildings against each other. The Brewery is part of the Tsuyo sub-theme of points manipulation by using points as a spendable resource, sacrificing progress for a short-term gain. If the Brewery lets you win an otherwise losing resource objective, then that point sacrifice more than pays for itself (whilst […]

New Signing: 99 Ninja

It’s been a busy few months, and I’m excited to announce the next, next game from Prometheus Game Labs will be 99 Ninja designed by Matt Ding and Ivan Alexiev, aiming to launch in mid-late 2023. 99 Ninja is a two player competitive tile laying game, where players use transparent cards depicting ninja from 3 […]

Round 5 – Castle vs Yatai

Here we have an interesting matchup of power vs efficiency. The Castle is a big one. 10 resources all at once for 2 points can take a long time to collect, and if it’s your sole game plan you might find your opponent has grabbed a couple of buildings or taken a few points from […]

Round 4 – Bakuto Den vs Komainu

These two are a couple of my favourite buildings, so I admit to being sad that one of them will get eliminated this round. Still as a (totally) impartial judge, I’ll give you my breakdown of each of the buildings. The Bakuto Den represents the exploitation of your opponents success, granting Favour based on the […]

Round 3 – Guard House vs Rice Paddy

The Guard House is one of the few ‘utility’ buildings in the original game (along with the Stables) that can be used to manipulate movement on the board. You can use it offensively, to force an opponent into a bad move (or break a stalemate), or defensively to buy some time or keep a space […]

Round 2 – Orchard vs Toll Gate

Now for the first of the new clan buildings from Loyalty and Deceit! These two buildings look wildly different on the surface but perform remarkably similar roles, albeit with a twist  The Orchard is a simple upgrade type of building, turning 1 Favour (that is normally worth 1 resource) into 2. In some ways it […]

Round 1 – Broker vs School

Onto our first round of voting, with two of the original game buildings. The Broker is a nice early game pickup. It’s cheap (so can be bought early), can be used often, and gives you extra flexibility to use Action spaces. That last part can be key, as sometimes you end up blocking an Action […]

The Great Micro Dojo Building Playoff

I’m sure you’re all waiting anxiously for your copies of Micro Dojo to arrive, and whilst we wait I have a fun event for you to get involved in. Each week on the Micro Dojo Facebook Group I’ll post up a poll for you to vote on, with the winner of each pairing moving to […]

Visit UK Games Expo: Stand 1-1160

Prometheus Game Labs is happy to be exhibiting at UK Games Expo from 3rd to 5th June 2022. Come and visit stand 1-1160 for a chance to play (and win) a copy of Micro Dojo, see the new Loyalty & Deceit expansion in person, and try the next game from Prometheus Game Labs – Micro […]

New Signing: Micro Bots

I’m delighted to announce the next game from Prometheus Game Labs – Micro Bots, designed by Simon Beal. Micro Bots is a mint-tin sized duelling game, where players try to outmanoeuvre and outwit their opponent in a virtual arena. Coming to Kickstarter in 2023 (and demoing at UK Games Expo 3-5 June 2022) Simon has […]


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