Micro Dojo – 24 hours left

Micro Dojo has had an incredible campaign on Kickstarter, but there are just 24 hours left. Currently over 2800% funded and with thousands of backers, If you’d like to get your copy for only £5 you can click the button below and pledge

Micro Dojo – Solo Mode

Thanks to the pandemic, more and more people are playing and enjoying board games solo, and at 20 minutes a game Micro Dojo is perfect for a quick solo game whilst travelling or over coffee.  Full disclosure – I wasn’t much of a solo board gamer, and when I first started work on Micro Dojo IContinue reading “Micro Dojo – Solo Mode”


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About Me

Hi, I’m Ben. Security consultant, acro yogi, and board game enthusiast. I started work on a game concept called TwinStick Pirates back in June and, though it hasn’t come to fruition (yet), it did spawn a whole host of other game ideas. My plans very rapidly went from designing a board game, to becoming a board game designer, to becoming a board game designer, and marketing expert, and manufacturing liaison, and customer service manager, and all the other things it takes to bring a board game to life. Like all good stories this one is still being written.

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