Micro Dojo Print-and-Play on PNP Arcade

A lot of people have asked me how they can get a copy of Micro Dojo after the Kickstarter campaign closed. I’m happy to share that the Micro Dojo Print-and-Play files are now available at PNP Arcade: The files include: Game board and tokens printed on a single page Rulebook translations in French, Spanish, German,Continue reading “Micro Dojo Print-and-Play on PNP Arcade”

Micro Dojo – Late Pledges

In case you missed the campaign, late pledges are now open at Gamefound where you can order your copy (or copies). These will be sent out with all of the wave 2 shipments, but the late pledges won’t be open for very long. Once Wave 2 fulfilment starts the late pledge option will be removed.Continue reading “Micro Dojo – Late Pledges”

Micro Dojo – 48 Hours to Launch

In two days I’ll be hitting the big launch button and the campaign for Micro Dojo will be live. Micro Dojo is complete at launch, which means no long wait for you to get your game. Also, you won’t want to miss out on backing early, as the first 500 copies will be sent as a priorityContinue reading “Micro Dojo – 48 Hours to Launch”

Press Release – Micro Dojo Launches May 10th

Ben Downton and Prometheus Game Labs is launching Micro Dojo on Kickstarter on May 10th this year. The campaign is running for 21 days, during which backers can pledge funds to support production and in return receive a copy (or multiple copies) of the game. Designed to be small and simple to produce, and perfectContinue reading “Press Release – Micro Dojo Launches May 10th”

Micro Dojo – The Story So Far…

With less than 2 months until launch I wanted to share some of the background behind Micro Dojo and how it came to to exist. Some of you been following along since the very first ideas and prototypes, whilst others may be newer to the growing community around the game, so here’s a little bitContinue reading “Micro Dojo – The Story So Far…”

Micro Dojo Puzzle Solution – March

Last week I posted a challenge for you to try and solve – figure out the sequence of moves necessary for a player to win the game. This month’s challenge had a variety of different solutions, all leading to victory, and so I invited you to try and identify the different possible end game scores.Continue reading “Micro Dojo Puzzle Solution – March”

Micro Dojo Puzzle Challenge – March

Each month in the run up to launch I’m posting an example board state from the upcoming two-player game, Micro Dojo, with a challenge attached. Try and figure out the sequence of moves necessary for a player to win the game, similar to a classic chess puzzle, and I’ll post the solution the following week.Continue reading “Micro Dojo Puzzle Challenge – March”

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