Game Updates

Round 3 – Guard House vs Rice Paddy

The Guard House is one of the few ‘utility’ buildings in the original game (along with the Stables) that can be used to manipulate movement on the board. You can use it offensively, to force an opponent into a bad move (or break a stalemate), or defensively to buy some time or keep a space available for your next move. It’s not cheap, and using it will cost you 2 Gold which is about a whole turn’s worth of resources. The Guard House therefore isn’t a building that you use very often, but when you do use it it will likely be in a points (or even game) winning situation. 

The Rice Paddy is another building that isn’t cheap, but the earlier you pick it up the quicker it will pay off, and providing its ability passively can make it more efficient than other resource generating buildings if you account for it being usable on 44% of the board. In terms of raw power, gaining 3 resources in a single turn is huge. On a good turn you might gain 2 resources, and on others just 1, but this is one of the very few ways you can break that ceiling of 2. This has a big impact when resource objectives are hotly contested.

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