Game Updates

Round 2 – Orchard vs Toll Gate

Now for the first of the new clan buildings from Loyalty and Deceit! These two buildings look wildly different on the surface but perform remarkably similar roles, albeit with a twist 

The Orchard is a simple upgrade type of building, turning 1 Favour (that is normally worth 1 resource) into 2. In some ways it can be viewed like a mirror to the Broker or Yatai, which upgrade the Action space to give 2 resources, by upgrading the Loyalty space to also give 2 resources. Its extra power comes in the form of the ability to effectively delay its use, spending the Favour later when needed, leading to some big swing turns. If you can combine it with a building that grants Favour (like the Tea House) then you have a real resource engine on your hands.

The Toll Gate is also a mirror of the Broker or the Yatai, in that it results in a net gain of 2 resources, but in a typically Tsuyo fashion. By stealing one from the opponent, you have much more scope to deny them the resources for that building, or even break a ‘lock’ where an opponent is hoarding 7 of a resource for an objective. It is slower than either the Broker or the Yatai, and you won’t be able to use it at all if your opponent has nothing, but those small conditions are made up for by its flexibility.

To get involved in the voting, click on the link here for the Micro Dojo Facebook Group.

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