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Round 4 – Bakuto Den vs Komainu

These two are a couple of my favourite buildings, so I admit to being sad that one of them will get eliminated this round. Still as a (totally) impartial judge, I’ll give you my breakdown of each of the buildings.

The Bakuto Den represents the exploitation of your opponents success, granting Favour based on the number of points your opponent has. The Bakuto Den gets stronger the better your opponent is doing, so of course it’s better in the late game, however it is costed to be an easy early game pickup. Whilst its potential is high, it represents a long term plan to manage the pace of the game and your own score relative to your opponents. Keep a controlled game with a close score, and use the Bakuto Den to edge ahead at the end. The Bakuto Den gets bonus points for being the absolute coolest building in the whole game thanks to its easter egg in the artwork (I’ll leave that one for you to find out if you don’t know it already).

If you thought gaining 3 resources in a turn was big, then gaining 4 is MASSIVE. Komainu is a great early pickup as it can accelerate your early game immensely, but be warned as it also helps your opponent. You’re still 2 resources ahead whenever you use it, and it will let you grab those more expensive buildings very quickly, but it could also lead to your opponent being able to buy early buildings they wouldn’t otherwise be able to. Using it when your opponent is already at maximum resources is mean, but no one said the Shinchoku had to be nice all of the time.

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