BGDL Community Design Sprint

Update: It’s About Time…

Drew, one of the community members that contributed a lot to the design of this game, reminded me recently that it was about time (get it?) I did something with the development of our community game. Thanks to the design work that Matt did I’ve been itching to do ‘something’ just because it’s so pretty…

BGDL Community Design Sprint – Wrapup

After two weeks the BGDL Community Design Sprint is wrapping up. Did we create a working prototype in two weeks? Categorically yes. Is it any good? We’ll see…. The dangers of designing anything by committee are well known, but the group came up with a really solid brief that would be the foundation. for the…

BGDL Community Design Sprint – Stalling

Getting towards the end of the two-week sprint, and the as yet to be named game (working title: It’s About Time) has started to stall a little. This is where we need some more community support to play and iterate! The early playtests had the fundamentals of a playable game and with a few balancing…

BGDL Community Design Sprint – Prototype

Right on schedule today we’re ready for playtesting! I’ve developed a prototype of our community designed game where I’ve tried to incorporate the mechanics suggested into an 18 card game hidden movement game for two players, themed around time travel (draft story below if you want to read more) . So today we need playtesters!…


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Board Game Design Lab Community Design Sprint

The BGDL Community Design Sprint is an initiative to try and design a game in just two weeks. From concept to working prototype.

Driven by the BGDL community votes and ideas, the game brief is for a two-player micro game but otherwise will be completely open to the community.

Let’s see where we end up…

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