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Micro Bots launching 1st February 2023 (Press Release)

Prometheus Game Labs is launching Micro Bots, by Simon Beal, on Kickstarter on February 1st 2023. The campaign is running for 23 days, during which backers can pledge funds to support production and in return receive a copy (or multiple copies) of the game. The game fits into a mint tin, and offers a head-to-head duelling experience for two players in around 20 minutes. Designed to pack a lot of game into a small (and cheap to ship) package, Backers can pledge from just £10 plus shipping, or add the Power Up expansion which is launching alongside it for a further £8. Print at home digital versions are also offered as part of the campaign.

Micro Bots is complete at launch, meaning there is no long post-campaign development and production cycle. Shortly after the campaign ends, files will be prepared to go into manufacturing, and backers will receive the game in the same year (with a general distribution release soon after).

About the Game

Micro Bots is a game of duelling robots with big lasers, that fits into a mint tin. The game, designed by Simon Beal, is reminiscent of early video games where players each choose a bot with unique abilities and cards to do battle against each other.

Players choose to play either weapon or support cards which increase in power the more these cards are played. When combat occurs, and there’s a lot of it, players choose from a set of power tokens to boost their attack or defense. These tokens are limited until a player spends a turn to ‘Recharge’, and so carefully using these power tokens to out-think (and out-play) your opponent is crucial. Micro Bots delivers a tense, tactical experience within 20 minutes and packs away into a pocket sized box.

Number of Players: 2
Game Duration: 20min
Age: 10+

Media Pack:


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