What People are Saying

Chris Harrington

“I got Micro Dojo as a gift. 3 players in my local group have it now! I’ve really enjoyed it and did a very glowing write-up about what I like and what I think makes it tick. Have a read! Throw me a comment or a follow.

What’s your favorite element of Micro Dojo? For me, it’s the jostling for position on the board and blocking key squares.”

Beatriz Giraldo

“Very happy with Micro Dojo now at home . And I found some perfect boxes to store the chips. H A Y !”

Chris Stone

“Very happy wit”Thanks for the fun game! I think a 3D printed box may be next!”h Micro Dojo now at home . And I found some perfect boxes to store the chips. H A Y !”


“Got it today in Spain and immediately set it up to play. Everything looks and feels really nice, and the solo mode is quite fun! I’m really pleased with this little game!”

Jameson Andrews

“Ontario, Canada and mine arrived today. No bends or any issues to deal with.

Game components look and feel nicer than I thought they would. Very pleasant experience for my first KS fulfillment.

I know who has a happy customer for their next game…. 😁


“Received game form wave 2.

All fine and no damage. Well packed. The envelope method works!

Willing to get your next game

A thousand thanks for your kindness and positive spirit all this time!!”


“Got mine today in Germany as well. This is a lovely surprise, because as a Wave 2 backer I expected it much later. Thank you!”

Frank Kronmueller

“Arrived today in perfect condition. Lovely print. Cant await to play the first MD. Thanks to you and all backers from Germany”

Peter Ennals

“Received in the UK. Enjoy our first game! Great price, fast production, and a nice little game! It will be popped in my pocket for any train journey for sure.”

Board Game Hub

“Mine arrived today in the UK. Tough, supported envelope and so in perfect condition and with a baggie. Brilliant communication. What a great campaign. Can’t wait to play it!!”

Travis Blanchard

“I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this already, but I just want to say I’m really impressed with the high levels of communication and organization that this campaign has had. This has been a gold standard for how to run a KS. Nice work!”


“6 months ago. The attention to historical and cultural accuracy in this game is fab, and I wish more designers would invest the same amount of effort. It tipped me over into backing this project, so just wanted to let you know that your efforts in this area were worth it!”

Simon Beal

“Wow. Not checked on this since launch and you’re nearly 1000% funded! That’s amazing Ben, well done. I’m really glad this is doing so well 🙂

Joe Slack

“My wife and I played Micro Dojo together for the first time the other night (I had already tried the solo mode) and we both enjoyed it very much!

My wife thought it was adorable how small the game is. But it still packed a good punch as a gaming experience.

Great job, Ben Downton!”

Jack Neal

“Today’s solo play. Played on very hard and came close to winning but the final move by the automa to gain a point on a building sunk me.

Enjoyable quick game. I wish the pieces and board were a wee bit bigger but it says “micro” in the title so I wasn’t warned.

Does anyone play with the advanced movement against the AI? Do the advanced objectives work with the one player version of the game?”

David Larson

“Got my wave 2 shipment here in Arizona! Well done and congratulations again! Can’t wait to see your next project”.


“Tried the solo mode and I thought it was really fun. Easy to understand and quick to play. So glad you included that as cards. 🤩”

Antony Lee

“Got it today in Thank you for a brilliant KS campaign. A great little game that I’ll enjoy getting to know better and introducing to more people as time goes on. Superb, friendly and honest communication throughout, and all for crazily good value considering the high production quality. Can’t wait to see (and back!) what you come up with next”

Sebastian Besser

“My game arrived yesterday here in Germany. Thanks for this great quality game and smooth running campaign.”


“Played my first game just now, and I absolutely love it 😍 This game will come with us on summer vacation 🤩”

Eddie L.

“Received it yesterday in France! It was probably the best runned kickstarter ever! So smooth! Thank you, can’t wait to play now!”

Raymond Usher

“Can i just add that quality wise. The card is great. That is some of the easiest no hassle lunch board I’ve ever used.

Sometimes you get it where a little bit will still be attached and have the possibility of tearing of your not careful.

None of that here everything almost fell off the board effortlessly.

Whoever you had produce the sheets have done a great job with them 👍🏻”



Just received my game today, here in France ! It’s amazing to see this many components in such a small envelope 😀 Perfect for my summer holidays in Spain in a few weeks. Great campaign, great game. Thanks – Nsan

Oh, wow! It has a nice, glossy finish too it. I wasn’t expecting that!

What a brilliant product and a well-run campaign. You should be really proud of it.”

FunDaMental Games

“Awesome campaign, sweet price, and fun game! Love what you created here Ben!”

Benjamin William Cottee

“Enjoyed playing at the UK games expo got some onlookers and complimentary comments

This will be worth millions in a few years looks great Ben Downton”

Milen Iliev

“I made playmat using MOC building parts. I like that i can make many variations and it’s fun”.

Jim van der Hoeven

“Played my first game today! I enjoyed it, but lost to my wife 🙂

good thing as it is so small I could just bring it to the garden and play outside!

one question, hope anybody can clarify, couldn’t find it easily in the manual, if an objective end on a draw, can it be played, or not? If it can be played, do both get points or none? We chose now to only be able to play an objective if someone wins it. Especially as this was the last objective for three points. It makes it something to play for instead of end the game fast when your ahead in points but the objective would end in a draw. All in all good experience! Thanks!”


“Received my copy yesterday! Love the quality of the pieces and the look of everything. Played a couple rounds with a friend and we quickly got the hang of it and had some good strategic fun. Can’t wait to see what is planned for the future!”

Paul Wilder

“South of England – got our copy (to be placed in our caravan library of small games!) and enjoyed our first game. Well done on running an excellent Kickstarter campaign and producing a cheap compact game! My partner says she’ll back you if you produce a bigger deluxe version lol”

Christian Barth

“What a pleasent surprise that even the wave 2 games arrive that early. Got mine today and I love it. Thanks a lot and lots of greetings from Germany. Stay safe!”


“I just got it in my mailbox in France ! Great job on the game and the handling of the campaign.”


“We really did. This is a solid worker placement game and I can’t wait to play it more. Really like the variable buildings and ways to score. Awesome game! Well done”


“I’ve just received my two copies, very happy with the result! I’m looking forward to always having this in my bag, ready to get some tiny action going”


“Hi Ben

The running of your campaign has been one of the best I’ve seen. The Postman just delivered my copy now. Thank you and look forward to your future campaigns”


“Congrats and thank you, thank you and thank you for this awesome campaign

This is the spirit of KS for people like you, smart creators, always listening and attentive to all of us setting an impecable campaign.

The solo cards print was for me definite to back you and recommended to other colleagues who backed this game as well in the last days of campaign.

Good luck”