Game Design

New Signing: Micro Bots

I’m delighted to announce the next game from Prometheus Game Labs – Micro Bots, designed by Simon Beal. Micro Bots is a mint-tin sized duelling game, where players try to outmanoeuvre and outwit their opponent in a virtual arena. Coming to Kickstarter in 2023 (and demoing at UK Games Expo 3-5 June 2022)

Micro Bots on Tabletop Simulator

Simon has worked on a number of other games, including the Ion Award finalist, Diverse City and a minigame for Token Terrors, The Gauntlet. Simon introduced Micro Bots (then titled Laser Bots) to me a while ago when looking to get some thoughts on a larger game idea, and I immediately took an interest in it. It also helped me clarify exactly the kind of games that I want to produce with Prometheus Game Labs – tight, cerebral, 1-2 player games, with a short to medium play time.

Prototype Micro Bots game

Publishing another designer’s game is a first for me, but something I am really excited to do as a game that fits so well with the current lineup. On a more personal note, I discovered two delightful things about signing another designers game. Simon has mentioned that he’s really happy to have a game design of his published, and though it’s not quite his first game, I’m really happy to be able to make that dream come true. Secondly, I was surprised how enjoyable it is giving money away (in the form of an advance). I’m really looking forward to sending royalty payments in future – it means we’ve been successful together in bringing a game to life, and I’m excited to share that success.

I’ve really enjoyed working with Simon and I think we make a great team. I’m extremely grateful for Simon’s ability to continually tweak and refine the game (it really does get better every time we play it), and in particular his ability to take some of my off-the-cuff ideas and fit them perfectly into the existing game system. We have a habit of extending our play sessions to be about 30 minutes of play and then another hour of chatting about ideas (sometimes retro video games), and each time I come away inspired. I’m so excited about the future of Micro Bots and our partnership.

Keep an eye out here, in the monthly email updates, and the Micro Bots Facebook Group for more information about the game as it unfolds.