BGDL Community Sprint – Mechanics Refinement

Day 6 and the final day to set all of our choices in place to create the brief, as next up we’ll need to start fleshing out the game for a prototype playtest on Sunday! Drew Richards and Chris Backe both came up with some cool details for the mechanics, with Drew even sketching outContinue reading “BGDL Community Sprint – Mechanics Refinement”

BGDL Community Design Sprint – Mechanics

Day 5. MOAR MECHANICS! It was a close call, but we’ve collectively decided to base our game around hidden movement. To summarise we now have a brief for a two payer micro game, with hidden movement mechanics chasing a fugitive through time! This next refinement has no poll. Instead, add your comments below with yourContinue reading “BGDL Community Design Sprint – Mechanics”

BGDL Community Design Sprint – Theme

It looks like we’re creating a 2 player micro game about time travel, where the thematic hook is that we take on the role of a bounty hunter chasing a fugitive through time (is it cooperative, or are you hunting player two?…) Onto mechanics. First let’s choose the format of our game! Remember the briefContinue reading “BGDL Community Design Sprint – Theme”

BGDL Community Design Sprint – Day 2

We had a ton of great theme ideas, but you’ve chosen your favourite (suggested by Clay Dreslough) as Time Travel! With our overarching theme of making a 2 player micro game about time travel we pnow need a hook for our theme. What are our players trying to do? Are they cooperatively fixing holes inContinue reading “BGDL Community Design Sprint – Day 2”

BGDL Community Design Sprint – Day 1 Results

34 people have already made their contributions to the design process, and voted in favour of us starting out with choosing theme first (Daniel must have been more convincing than me in Theme First or Mechanics First?). So the next poll will be looking at choosing our major overarching theme. This could be as high-levelContinue reading “BGDL Community Design Sprint – Day 1 Results”

Micro Dojo: Free Print-and-Play, TTS and more…

With Micro Dojo having a huge artwork overhaul, and the release of version 2.0, I’ve decided to release a print-and-play version for everyone! Just follow the link below to sign up with your email, and you’ll be sent links with access to the print-and-play files, the Tabletop Simulator module, and feedback form. Micro Dojo SignupContinue reading “Micro Dojo: Free Print-and-Play, TTS and more…”

The Board Game Design Lab (BGDL) Community Design Sprint

A few weeks ago I put out a poll to the Board Game Design Lab Facebook group to see if we could develop a game from nothing to a working prototype in just over 2 weeks. Thanks to an overwhelming positive result (and no recounts) I’ll be starting this up on November 19th. I’ll beContinue reading “The Board Game Design Lab (BGDL) Community Design Sprint”

Theme First or Mechanics First?

When creating a game, designers tend to follow one of two approaches. Starting with a theme, and building the game mechanics around that theme, or starting with mechanics and layering a theme on top of that. I have designed games both theme first and mechanics first and both have different advantages and challenges (see ifContinue reading “Theme First or Mechanics First?”

Why Create a 2-Player Game

Following on from the previous articles on Why Create a Micro Game, I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve learned developing a two-player game. Two-player games have a unique dynamic not often found in higher (or lower) player counts. Though a lot of games support 2-6 players, the two-player version of those gamesContinue reading “Why Create a 2-Player Game”

Why Create a Micro Game (Part 2)

This article is the second in a two part series where I explore the development and design of a micro game. I am currently creating Micro Dojo, a micro game which I will self-publish on Kickstarter, and I want to share some of what I’ve learned with you. In this article I’ll talk about someContinue reading “Why Create a Micro Game (Part 2)”

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