Game Updates

Round 21 – Brewery vs Theatre

The last round of the semi-finals is here, and almost the last week of the playoffs! As the Shinchoku buildings were all eliminated in earlier rounds we have 2 final Tsuyo buildings pitted against each other.

Both of these are pretty wild from a design point of view, as they disrupt two parts of the game that were previously untouched. Using points as a resource is a new feature introduced with the Brewery – previously you could exchange Gold and Food for points but not the other way around! The Theatre changes another feature of the design, which is that once objectives are scored they are effectively removed from the game. In the base game there is no difference between flipping an objective face down or removing it from the game, but this small distinction makes the Theatre possible in a way that also keeps the game one of ‘perfect information’.

Both of these buildings also mess with the design feature that every turn progresses the game towards a conclusion, but since only one player uses the Brewery and the Theatre can only be used one time, it doesn’t break that feature too drastically. And besides, they offer a lot of interesting decisions by doing so!

To get involved in the voting, click on the link here for the Micro Dojo Facebook Group.


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