Game Updates

Round 19 – Guard House vs Toll Gate

Wow we’re into the final stretch! Just 4 weeks to go to settle the most popular Micro Dojo building. It seems already that the Tsuyo were the most popular clan (as none of the Shinchoku clan buildings made it to the semi-finals), and here we have the first base game vs expansion playoff.

By coincidence, these buildings cost (almost) the same to acquire, with the Toll Gate using the expected Favour rather than Food. The Guard House and the Toll Gate were both buildings that were designed at the very start of the process for each game. Though they went through a few tweaks to their costs and rulebook definitions, the core ability stayed the same. They are both some of the more interactive buildings in the game, allowing you to manipulate your opponents options game state, and both can be used quite tactically to your advantage.

But there can be only one, so which is your favourite?

To get involved in the voting, click on the link here for the Micro Dojo Facebook Group.


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