Game Updates

Round 18 – Tea House vs Theatre

The final round of the quarter finals is here, with the last of the Loyalty & Deceit buildings and the last Shinchoku clan building still in the running!

The Tea House is super efficient, not only granting 2 resources per turn (in addition to any other effects like Action or Build that the Loyalty space might share) but 2 resources that are highly flexible. It’s a good early pickup where you can make use it of it several times over the game. The Theatre on the other hand is a late game pickup, both due to its cost and the time it is most useful. Flipping a single point objective might buy you some time to lock up a later one, but taking a 2 point objective that you can easily win (maybe a Loyalty track, or building cost objective) is 2 points for just 5 resources. It’s harder to use, and your opponent might take it just to prevent you from having it, but if you can time it right it can be very powerful.

Which of these two you vote for will depend on your preference for powers either consistently decent or rarely super-powerful.

To get involved in the voting, click on the link here for the Micro Dojo Facebook Group.


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