Game Updates

Round 10 – Pagoda vs Tea House

Two Shinchoku clan buildings face off today, and both of them are concerned with the new Loyalty mechanic.

The Pagoda simply lets you spend an Action for a Loyalty, offering extra flexibility in spaces. It’s a little costly, making it harder to exploit in the early game when those extra Favour tokens to get clan buildings would come in useful. Its at its best in the late game, when spaces are hotly contested to score final objectives or push up the Loyalty tracks. Since Loyalty is needed to progress on a track (and activate the step 5 scoring), reaching the end of a track and using Loyalty and Action spaces together to grab Favour and score points can be a winning strategy.

The Tea House is another simple one, this time in the form of a pure efficiency upgrade. You can gain 2 Favour from a Loyalty space instead of 1. At its most basic level this equates to 2 resources of your choice, but 2 Favour can also give you early access to clan buildings and aim to score both loyalty track objectives and clan building objectives. The limit of 3 Favour tokens might make the Tea House seem hard to use, but since you can spend Favour as either Gold or Food it’s unlikely you’ll miss out on using its ability.

To get involved in the voting, click on the link here for the Micro Dojo Facebook Group.

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