Game Updates

Round 9 – Gold Mine vs Shrine

Next up are two buildings we’ve already seen in earlier rounds as mirrors of the Rice Paddy and the Barracks.

The Gold Mine, as with the Rice Paddy, offers a way to get 3 resources in 1 turn. One particular thing to note about the Gold Mine however is how it combines with the Guard House in a particular situation. Typically the Guard House requires a whole turn’s worth of Gold to activate, however with the Gold Mine in hand you can block a space with the Guard House and still end up 1 Gold up for the turn. The Gold Mine is expensive, but contributes well towards both building cost objectives, and any Gold objectives.

The Shrine is the mirror of the Barracks, requiring 3 Food for a point. Whilst most of the buildings in the game are mirrored, Food as an activation cost for the Stables comes in slightly cheaper than Gold for the Guard House. More Food available to you means more points from the Shrine!

To get involved in the voting, click on the link here for the Micro Dojo Facebook Group.

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