Game Updates

Round 8 – Onsen vs Jail

The Onsen provides the same ability as is already available once you reach step 5 of the Loyalty track, so it might not seem that impressive at first glance. Given that the Shinchoku buildings drive towards a shorter game, you might not reach that high by the time the game is over, and turning those Favour into points early could close out the game. If you pickup the Onsen early then all of those Loyalty spaces can become Favour tokens for you, and if the double Loyalty space is available in the game then this single building can get you a point every couple of turns.

If you thought the Guard House was expensive to use, the Jail is even more so. But the Jail actually has two effects. Firstly, it makes a space available, and having access to almost any space when you need it can be key. Secondly, by replacing the meeple anywhere on the board, you also have some level of control over your opponents next move. Like the Guard House, the Jail is not one you will use often, and at 3 Gold you probably won’t be winning the Banker objective on the turn you use it. However, at the right moment, a single use of the Jail could be a game winning move.

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