Game Updates

Round 6 – Brewery vs Gunsmith

This next pairing pits two Tsuyo buildings against each other.

The Brewery is part of the Tsuyo sub-theme of points manipulation by using points as a spendable resource, sacrificing progress for a short-term gain. If the Brewery lets you win an otherwise losing resource objective, then that point sacrifice more than pays for itself (whilst also denying your opponent the points). The Brewery can also let you cement your control over later objectives. It won’t be useful until you’ve scored at least 1 point, and you might not want to give up a lead later in the game, but the window of opportunity to use it in the early and mid-game can be enough to exert a lot of control and lock up a win.

The Gunsmith started life as the inverse of the Gardens, but evolved to be an inverse of the Shrine. War and Peace. Whilst functionally equivalent, the Gunsmith has a couple of variations. It is more conditional than the Shrine – your opponent must have at least 1 point to be able to use the Gunsmith. However, keeping your opponents point total down makes it much harder for the game to end at 7 points, instead ending on the final objective. As with other Tsuyo buildings, maintaining control and grinding out a victory through a powerful late game shines through with the Gunsmith design.

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