Game Updates

Round 5 – Castle vs Yatai

Here we have an interesting matchup of power vs efficiency.

The Castle is a big one. 10 resources all at once for 2 points can take a long time to collect, and if it’s your sole game plan you might find your opponent has grabbed a couple of buildings or taken a few points from objectives by the time you get it. Because it’s a building though it offers a lot more than points. The huge cost can lead to an unbreakable hold on any of the objectives that look at building costs. Speaking of objectives, if the late game objectives are resource based then the Castle becomes even more valuable, letting you sacrifice it for a 3rd point. That’s almost halfway to 7 in just one building.

The Yatai, like the Broker, is a fantastic early game pickup. Cheap, efficient, it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Its value goes up greatly if there are objectives based on Food, or if the Shrine is available, but it still has value just in providing flexibility in usage of the Action space. In a slower game, a resource advantage can be the game decider, and the longer the game goes the more use you can get from your Yatai.

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