Game Updates

Round 1 – Broker vs School

Onto our first round of voting, with two of the original game buildings.

The Broker is a nice early game pickup. It’s cheap (so can be bought early), can be used often, and gives you extra flexibility to use Action spaces. That last part can be key, as sometimes you end up blocking an Action space but not having anything to do with it. It’ll take a couple of uses before the Broker starts to pay off, but it’s rare that a game goes by without it being picked up by at least one player.

Don’t sleep on the School though. At first glance it might seem unexciting, costing 1 more resource to gain a point than either the Shrine or the Barracks, however its flexibility of allowing any 4 resources to be spent really shines in the late game. In a situation where you just need those few extra points to cross the line, dumping your final resources to gain the 1 or 2 points needed can be, literally, game changing.

To get involved in the voting, click on the link here for the Micro Dojo Facebook Group.

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