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Late Pledges Open at Gamefound

Following the success of the Micro Dojo: Loyalty & Deceit Kickstarter campaign, the pledge manager (Gamefound) is now accepting Late Pledges:

There are 3 different versions of the pledge you can pick up. The Complete Edition contains everything (so far) for new players, whilst the Deluxe Edition and Envelope Edition offer the Loyalty & Deceit expansion to those that already have the original Micro Dojo.

Complete Edition

The Complete Edition for Micro Dojo is the perfect edition for new players, as it includes everything from the Deluxe edition plus the original game. That means

  • 2 game boxes (for both Micro Dojo and Loyalty & Deceit)
  • 8 Wooden Custom-Cut Meeples
  • Punchboard tokens
  • Rulebooks
  • Solo mode cards
  • Setup cards
  • Reference Cards
Complete Edition Contents

When pledging through Gamefound, the Complete Edition also includes the Kickstarter Edition sleeve for storing both game boxes together:

Kickstarter Exclusive Sleeve

Deluxe Edition

One of the requests during the original campaign was for a box as an upgrade, and though it wasn’t possible to include in last years campaign I’m delighted to be able to include one now. 

In addition to the box, the Deluxe Edition has some exciting upgrades to the components:

  • 2 boxes (for both Micro Dojo and Loyalty & Deceit)
  • Wooden Custom-Cut Meeples
  • Triple-layered player board   
Deluxe Edition Upgraded Components

Envelope Edition

Just like with the original, Loyalty & Deceit is ultra compact, fitting on a single sheet of token punchboard sized to fit perfectly into a protected envelope. In the envelope you’ll receive:

  • Punchboard sheet with pieces
  • 1-page folding printed rulebook in English
  • Resealable plastic bag for holding all components
  • Setup and Reference cards 
Envelope Edition contents

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