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Announcing Micro Dojo: Macro Edition

(Originally posted as a Kickstarter campaign update)

One of the nice things about running a campaign is I get to hear lots of feedback from the people that are going to be playing my game – you the backer. Wherever possible I want to add your suggestions and make the game better, and one of the common pieces of feedback about Micro Dojo is that it is just too small.

“But Ben,” people say, “when will you be doing a larger edition of the game?”. Well, now’s your chance to get involved with Micro Dojo: Macro Edition (or just Macro Dojo for short). I’ve added a unique stretch goal, where the funding goal is directly correlated to the size of the game. The more backers there are, the bigger Macro Dojo gets, so tell your friends!

Stretch Goal 1 – 100 extra backers

The Internet has gone crazy for pictures of chonky cats and hefty puppers, but I say bring on the big meeples! At 100 backers, Macro Dojo will get some meeples truly worthy of the title. Check out this UNIT: 

Big boi Samurai meeple

Stretch Goal 2 – 400 extra backers

Micro Dojo was intended to be a great travel game or a way to pass some time whilst out of the house, and I’ve taken that a step further with Macro Dojo Outdoor Edition. The plastic mat in Twister is the best bit, and following that I’ve made a playmat so big that you can see it from space!

Satellite view of the fulfillment centre (my Mum’s house)

Macro Dojo Outdoor Edition doesn’t come with meeples included, but will come with a discount voucher for costume rental in your area for 4 willing friends. Friends not included.

Stretch Goal 3 – 828 Backers

I live in Dubai, and when you live under the shadow of Burj Khalifa (the tallest building in the world) it’s hard not to be inspired to think BIG. Incidentally, 828 is the number of metres that this monster of a building stands tall and is also the height of one of the in-game meeples.

Unfortunately The Game Crafter weren’t able to sort out a prototype of this size at such short notice, so instead I have created a digital mockup to illustrate the size:

Prototype Macro Dojo meeples (not available in stores)

I really hope we can hit this stretch goal together. With your help we can create Micro Dojo: Interfering with Aircraft edition and finally put an end to the complaints about the game being just too damn small!

Happy April Fools Day everyone, and thanks for being part of the campaign 🙂

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