Game Updates

Design your own board

One of the most exciting features of Loyalty & Deceit is the modular board, allowing you to create your own board setups for each game. I thought this was a really cool new feature for the game but it led to a little problem – with the board changing each time it could be difficult to remember what was under each meeple space during play.

Enter the setup cards. These have two great benefits. Firstly, by acting as a handy nearby reference card it mitigated the issue of remembering the unique board setup. Secondly, the suggested setups allowed players to jump right into the action and know what kind of experience they’re getting, whether a new player looking for a simple game or an experienced player looking for a more complex setup.

I’ve designed a handful of suggested setups, to be included in the game, but I’m offering you a chance to have your designs make it into the game. Submit your design (link at the bottom) and the community will vote on their favourites during the campaign.

All of the details of the competition can be found in the campaign update over at the Kickstarter campaign page:

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