Game Updates

Micro Dojo Expansion launching March 16 on Kickstarter

Today marks the start of a new year, and an exciting announcement for myself and the Micro Dojo fans. The expansion will launch on Kickstarter in just a few months on March 16th. If you’d like to get early notification of the launch, just click the button below:

The expansion has you pledge your loyalty to the Shinchoku and Tsuyo clans that are battling for the town, and includes:

  • Modular board setup for more variability
  • Alternate advancement tracks to pledge Loyalty
  • A new resource – Favour
  • New objectives, including split objectives
  • Extended 9 point game
  • More cute meeples (with advanced movement rules)
  • Deluxe boxed edition with wooden character meeples

And all designed for super low cost shipping and a low price. If you’d like to try out the new content in advance, you can find an updated version of the game online on Tabletop Simulator:

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