Game Updates

Micro Dojo Print-and-Play on PNP Arcade

A lot of people have asked me how they can get a copy of Micro Dojo after the Kickstarter campaign closed. I’m happy to share that the Micro Dojo Print-and-Play files are now available at PNP Arcade:

The files include:

  • Game board and tokens printed on a single page
  • Rulebook translations in French, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, Greek, Arabic and Japanese
  • STL files for 3d printable storage box
  • Printable matchbox storage (and low ink version)

PNP Arcade is a really cool store for Print-and-Play games that I first heard about via Jason Tagmire of Button Shy Games. PNP Arcade was a perfect fit for Micro Dojo, being in line with other micro games and having a very small printing footprint.

Check out the product page for Micro Dojo at the link above, and why not look at some of the other great games on PNP Arcade (including some free ones!).

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