Micro Dojo Puzzle Challenge – February

Each month, in the run up to the launch for Micro Dojo, I’ll be posting an example board state from the game, with a challenge attached. Try and figure out the sequence of moves necessary for a player to win the game, similar to a classic chess puzzle. I’ll post the solution in the following week.

Micro Dojo is a pocket sized two-player game of tactical movement and planning. If you’d like to download the 1 page rulebook and free early print-and-play you can register below:

Download Rulebook and Print-and-Play

Puzzle: Complex-city

It’s getting towards the end of the game and things aren’t looking too good for the Green Daimyo. Blue player has the last two objectives locked up, as well as the resources to close out the game with their Barracks and Shrine.

It is Green players turn, and with some tactical movement can force their opponents hand and steal the win at 7 points to 6! What’s the solution?

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