Micro Dojo Puzzle Solution – January

Last week I posted a challenge for you to try and solve – figure out the sequence of moves necessary for a player to win the game. I hope this got you thinking tactically about how to play the game, and look forward to next months puzzle that’s a little more complex! I’ve posted the solution below.

Micro Dojo is a pocket sized two-player game of tactical movement and planning. If you’d like to download the 1 page rulebook and free early print-and-play you can register below:

Download Rulebook and Print-and-Play

Solution: Double Trouble

Green players objective here is to not only secure more Food to be able to score the objective, but also gain an additional point to take the lead. By moving the Geisha to the 2 Food space, Blue players only available move will be to take 1 Gold and 1 Food with the Samurai, allowing Green player to move the Sumo and use both Actions for 4 points in a single turn.

Green: Geisha to 2 Food
Blue: Samurai to 1 Gold + 1 Food
Green: Sumo to Action/Action. Use Barracks first to gain 1 point for 3 Gold, then trigger the objective to score 3 points.

Green player wins the game 7-6.

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