Micro Dojo Puzzle Challenge – January

Each month, in the run up to the launch for Micro Dojo, I’ll be posting an example board state from the game, with a challenge attached. Try and figure out the sequence of moves necessary for a player to win the game, similar to a classic chess puzzle. I’ll post the solution in the following week.

Micro Dojo is a pocket sized two-player game of tactical movement and planning. If you’d like to download the 1 page rulebook and free early print-and-play you can register below:

Download Rulebook and Print-and-Play

Puzzle: Double Trouble

It is Green players turn, but Blue player is a whole 3 points ahead and with the end in sight. If that final objective is scored by Blue, or even tied, the game ends and Green loses. Green player has 4 Food and 3 Gold and has built the Barracks, whilst Blue Player has 4 Food, 6 Gold and both the Yatai and the Shrine. How can Green player win this game?

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